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Public Auto Auctions – Deals From $300-$5000

If you’re looking for a new (or new-used car), you should consider finding your next vehicle at a public auto auction.  A public auto auction is when the police or a non-profit auctions off vehicles to the public that have been donated or seized.  Public auto auctions are the best places to find deals.  You’ll find an abundance of vehicles that have either been donated or have been seized and are being sold by the police.  As a result, all types of bargains can be found.  You can find deals on vehicles of all types of makes, models, and conditions being auctioned off in the range of $300 to $5,000.  Sedans, convertibles, trucks, SUVS, and minivans are all sold for prices far below market values.

Now that you know public auto auctions are the place to find great deals on cars, how do you get involved?  Contact your local police jurisdiction or just do an online with a website service.  Not everybody knows that deals can be found at these events, but those who do are going to fight for them.  When you get to the public auto auction, preview the vehicles, set your own maximum price, and stick to it.  Remember that the auction prices of the vehicles generally range from $300 to $5,000.  Don’t get caught in a bidding war where you end up paying more than the car is actually worth!

Buying seized autos from an auction can be a prime opportunity for savings.  In this economic climate, auctions for seized autos have become a popular place for finding used cars, trucks, and auto parts.  The most convenient place to find seized autos is at an auction within your area.  Most police jurisdictions hold seized auto auctions, as do other private dealers.  Participating in the auctions may require some basic registration paper work, and most auctions require refundable bid deposits.  Prior to the event, some auctions list their inventory of seized autos on the web for potential buyers to browse.  It is definitely to your advantage to check out the seized autos beforehand.  Take this opportunity to research the vehicles, determine their market value, and estimate your bids.

If you win a bid at an auction for seized autos, it is up to the dealer whether your bid is accepted or rejected.  If it is accepted, you are responsible for taking any won seized autos off the lot within a set period after the end of the auction.  When you are determining your bids for seized autos, don’t forget to calculate and include any repair costs that you might need to safely and sufficiently use the vehicle.  If you are buying seized autos just for parts, you probably don’t have to worry about maintenance costs, but you will have to pay for a two truck if the vehicle can’t drive off the lot on its own.


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